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Three shows!
Original Art!
Local musicians!
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Presales for 2023 Crankie Fest are sold out!
We reserve 20% of seats each night for pay-what-you-want walk up sales.
If you don't have a ticket, you can buy one at the door and name your own price--
 but get there early because seats are limited! 
Thank you everyone for your incredible support!
ASL Interpretation will be available at Sunday evening's show. 


The Crankie Fest is a three-day festival celebrating the art of Crankies*. Artists will perform their work on all three evenings.  It is curated by Puppet Cabaret (Akiko Ostlund, orren Fen, Kat Eng, and Steve Ackerman),  and Hosted by Olli Johnson and Felicia Cooper. The Festival consists of three evening performances: one on Friday, September 1 and one on Saturday, September 2, and one on Sunday, September 3.. We will also hold a crankie-making Workshop for kids 5-11 at Stewart Park The Afternoon of Saturday, September 2. 

*A crankie is a scroll based storytelling device with roots in 11th Century japan, 17th century yemeni, and later, european settlers in early america, where it was called a moving panorama. It uses a crank to move a long scroll of paper (usually with illustrations or words) and is often accompanied by music. 

We are seeking clean shirts and other clothes to screenprint!

If you can contribute, contact olli johnson at


Crankie Fest 2023

Lineup this year includes

Lindsay McCaw, Monica RojAs, Kurt Hunter, Carlisle Evans Peck, Erica Warren,  Karly Bergmann, Ches & Jake, and a filmed contribution from Maisie o'Brien. 

accessibility INFO

The Crankie Fest will be held in a residential backyard. This backyard is grassy and slightly uneven, with soft ground and fairly narrow passageways. Wheelchair Accessible outdoor restrooms will be available. Parking is limited.
Contact us with accessibility questions at

Stewart Park Workshop!

Build your own crankie! Get inspired as you watch a crankie performance! Then, we introduce the group to the age old Folk Art of crankies which are 2D scrolling puppet shows. Using cereal boxes, dowels, paper, markers, tape and pencils you will be guided by neighborhood puppet artists Felicia Cooper and Olli Johnson in the making of this storytelling machine to create your very own motion picture puppet show.






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Crankie Fest is supported by
Stewart Park and the puppet slam network. 

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